Our fleet of aircraft for long distance air ambulance transports ranges from our most cost effective Pilatus, a high speed, high altitude, single engine, fuel efficient turboprop to world wide coverage Lear jets of various sizes and configurations. Each air ambulance aircraft receives a special priority designation during flight by air traffic control and are configured as dictated by patient needs, with a stretcher and nearly all the equipment one would find in a hospital ICU including cardiac monitor, ventilator, IV pumps, oxygen and capability to monitor vital signs, blood glucose and many of the same medications required by critically ill or injured patients as would be required by that patient. Our aeromedical staff are all critical care certified and experienced from having worked in an emergency department or intensive care unit. The lead aeromedical specialist will range from a physician, RN, or paramedic and may include a respiratory therapist.

All patients will have an aeromedical transport team customized to their medical needs. Cost is proportional to the level of medical staff and needs of the patient: Critical care transport with a physician or nurse and respiratory therapist will cost more than a basic life support(BLS) flight with a single paramedic. Since all staff are critical care certified and experienced, in the unlikely event that a patient deteriorates medically, every level of medical staff is capable and experienced and will work diligently to stabilize the patient while the pilot diverts and makes an emergency landing to get the patient to a hospital.

In-Flight Critical Care

Suncoast Medical Transport offers advanced medical care and equipment normally found in a hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU). Patients who require advanced medical care are designated as critically ill and require extensive advanced therapies and specialized equipment and treatment techniques.

Our team members are certified and experienced in providing this advanced level of care. You can depend on our team to provide compassionate, professional bedside-to-bedside critical care for you or your loved one. Contact us today!

Medical monitoring and equipment

  • Heart, blood pressure, blood sugar
  • Oxygen concentration, end tidal carbon dioxide
  • Oxygen administration
  • Ventalator, suction
  • Medication infusoion pump
  • Feeding tube infusion pump

Specialized care

  • Endotracheal tube, Tracheostomy, Ventilator care
  • Central venous pressure and PICC lines
  • Chest tube care
  • Wound and burn care

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Thank you for your interest in Suncoast Medical Transport. We are fully qualified to meet any of your medical transport needs and will work with you to determine the method of transport – air, rail, ground or a combination – that fits your time frame, budget and medical conditions. Please contact us today to assure the best option at the best price for your unique situation. Call our transport specialists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (800) 779-6504 or fill out the form below.




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