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We provide three options with every quote so you can decide what the best Medical Transport Option is:

Ground Transport

Air Ambulance (AA)

Commercial Medical Escort (CME).

To insure a prompt and accurate rate, please provide us with all the following information:




Type Of Transport



Reason For Transport

Date Expected For Travel

Patient Age

Patient Name

Traveling From? (Hospital, Rehab / Nursing Home Etc.)

City, State, Country:

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Advanced Directive (Code Status vs DNR), Hospice?

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Category Archives: Medical Transport

Is Long Distance Medical Ground Transport Right For You? Part Two

If long distance ground medical transport is an option you are considering, then comfort should be second only to safety. Our private luxury long distance motor coach is designed with your comfort in mind. In addition to an adjustable hospital bed, lounge in comfort with personal climate control, private restroom facilities just a step away, full kitchen with complimentary meals, snacks and drinks, TV, DVD player and WiFi to make the time pass quickly. In addition the ample space in this reconfigured class C motor home will allow you, if possible, to get up, stretch, walk around and even sit in style in the captain’s chair. Why spend the long hours of your inter-state transport confined to a uncomfortable, narrow stretcher in a claustrophobic, stiff riding van or old, decrepit ambulance.

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Is Long Distance Medical Ground Transport Right For You Or Your Loved One?

Unlike most other companies who use modified vans, reconditioned ambulances or even upscale Mercedes Sprinters, Suncoast Medical Transport’s upgraded a luxury class C motor home for our long distance ground medical transports and repatriation trips. Upgraded with a full size adjustable hospital bed(NOT A STRETCHER) for maximum comfort and versatility accommodating patients of all sizes including bariatric. The smooth, comfortable air ride ensures maximum comfort over long distance and long travel times.

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Long range lear 60 now available for air ambulance and medical charter

Suncoast Medial Transport is proud to announce the addition of a Lear 60 to our fleet of aircraft for air ambulance emergency medical evacuation and urgent and routine long distance medical charters. The Lear 60 is a long distance, transcontinental, mid size aircraft capable of flying nonstop coast to coast in the United States without refueling.

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How is Suncoast Medical Transport a better choice for care and relocation of your family and friends in their time of need?

How is Suncoast Medical Transport a better choice for care and relocation of your family and friends in their time of need? We are a concierge medical transport company, veteran owned and operated, licensed and insured, accredited by the Better Business Bureau(BBB) having the full spectrum of medical
transport options from critical care air ambulance, private medical charter,

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Why choose Suncoast Medical Transport for your long distance domestic and international medical transport needs?

Suncoast Medical Transport is licensed, insured, veteran owned and operated, A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau, founded by 2 paramedics and an emergency physician who is a former US Air Force medic, with over 50 years of combined experience providing world wide emergency medical evacuation and urgent medical transport.

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