Who needs medical transport?

Any individual requiring medical monitoring, medication administration or nursing care during transport.

How do I know if the patient needs to go by air or ground?

The medical needs of the patient, time constraints and costs will all be considerations for mode of transport.

How do I choose a reputable company?

Look for companies that are licensed, insured, established with their own equipment and personnel, have medical direction by a board certified physician(MD or DO only), have qualified, experienced staff and are rated A+ by the better business bureau.

Why choose us?

Suncoast Medical Transport is licensed, insured, veteran owned and operated, founded by 2 paramedics and an emergency physician with over 50 years of combined medical transport experience. Our medical transport specialists range from physicians, RNs, paramedics and respiratory therapists all operating under the medical direction of a board certified emergency physician with over 26 years experience as a flight physician. Our equipment is state of the art. Our quoted price is the entire cost of the trip. There are NO HIDDEN FEES!
We set the standard high. Ensure that any other companies you consider offer the same level of care and experience.

How many quotes should I get and are there additional fees beyond the quoted price?

We recommend obtaining 3 quotes from from 3 different reputable companies exploring different transport options if applicable.  Ask if there are ANY additional fees or costs.

What are the costs associated with medical transport?

The costs of any medical transport consist of costs related to the aircraft, ground transportation and the level of medical staff accompanying the patient. In addition there could be extra costs contained in the quote for critical care such as a ventilator, neonatal transport team or bariatrics.

How do I know if it is medically safe for the patient to be transported by air or ground?

The sending physician will typically evaluate and “Medically Clear” the patient for transport. Since not all physicians are experienced in aeromedical medicine, our medical staff including our medical director will evaluate each patient initially over the phone and then when bedside to determine medical stability for transport.

Is the medical transport covered by insurance?

Nearly all travel insurance offers a medical transport option if greater than a certain minimum distance from home. In addition some health insurance plans offer medical transport also. Consult your plan or representative to see if you are covered.

Where can I get advice on getting a medical transport?

Request a complimentary Medical Transport Quick Reference Guide from us or access the guide on this website.
As a community service, we offer a complimentary medical transport consultation or will answer your questions.