Suncoast Medial Transport is proud to announce the addition of a Lear 60 to our fleet of aircraft for air ambulance emergency medical evacuation and urgent and routine long distance medical charters. The Lear 60 is a long distance, transcontinental, mid size aircraft capable of flying nonstop coast to coast in the United States without refueling. This increase in range without refueling is essential for those patients whose condition is deteriorating or life-threatening where the flight is time critical and also for those patients and family desiring a shorter travel time.

Features of the Lear 60 include standup cabin, fully enclosed private lavatory and ample room for family, friends and luggage. In addition this flying intensive care unit boasts state of the art comfort, avionics(aircraft electronics) and safety features and worldwide range. While the cost is higher than other smaller aircraft that fly lower and slower, it is actually surprisingly affordable. The cost savings in time and when the patient’s life is at stake is priceless.